The ProVital® Support Program
by AMGEN Entrust Patient Support Services*

Start and stay with the ProVital Support Program

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The ProVital Patient Support Program provides your patients with:

Next injection reminders

Nurse-led telephone or virtual self-injection training

Product information and support (triage to Amgen MedInfo)

Eductional resources

Your office may receive an optional adherence summary report for all your patients on Prolia; simply call ProVital at 1-877-776-1002 or email

Start and stay with the Provital®
Support Program

Enrol your patients at the time of prescription using the fax enrolment form and they will receive the benefits of ProVital® within one business day.

* AMGEN Entrust is our unified patient support services platform, built on the legacy of our branded support programs.

Access the online registration form
download fax
enrolment form
These are some questions and answers you can expect from your patients when initiating starting them on Prolia®
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ProVital Enrolment Form

Prescriber Information

Please provide Prescriber Full Name
Please provide prescriber information.
Please input address.
Please select province option.
Please input postal code.
Please input prescriber phone.

Patient Information

Please input first name.
Please input last name.
Please input address.
Please select province option.
Please input postal code.
Please input phone number.
Please input phone number.
Please provide first injection date.
Please provide patient digital signature.
Please provide signature date.


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