Exercise Your Way To Healthy Bones

Physical activity is important for people living with osteoporosis, because it helps to build and maintain healthy bones.

Experts recommend 4 different types of physical activity. Try a few of these to start – and be sure to ask your doctor for a full list of activities you should be doing.

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Aerobic Activity

These are exercises that get your heart rate up – you should feel like your heart is beating faster and you are breathing harder.

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Strength and Resistance Exercises

Use weights, elastic exercise bands or even your own body weight to increase muscle and bone strength.

For more information on healthy lifestyle choices to help manage your osteoporosis, visit our Resources section.

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Balance and Coordination

Activities like tai chi and swimming help improve your balance and coordination to decrease your risk of falling.

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Posture Awareness

Exercises like chin tucks can be done every day to help improve your posture.

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Exercises to Avoid

People with osteoporosis should avoid activities like high-impact aerobics, jogging, running, jumping rope and any activity that involves bending and twisting (e.g. rowing machines, sit-ups).

For some excellent websites, books and videos on weight-bearing exercise, please visit the Resources section.

Talk to Your Friends

Osteoporosis is a silent disease. Although one in four women and one in eight men have osteoporosis, many are unaware of it. Spread the word by talking to your friends about osteoporosis, the value of a healthy diet and exercise and the importance of talking to your doctor.

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